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Overwhelmed by crypto?

The crypto economy presents a wealth of opportunities. But it’s growing so fast that it has become impossible to keep up with it all.

That’s why we are building Flagship, an easy-to-use DeFi platform that helps you gain an edge in the exponentially growing crypto economy.

Flagship Vaults

Invest on auto-pilot
With our Vaults, you invest in a diversified basket of the most promising assets with a single transaction. Each Vault targets a different up-and-coming sector within the crypto economy.
Through DeFi activities such as staking, lending, and yield farming, your assets can grow in any market condition.


Our Vaults are built with smart contracts, making them decentralized, automated, and secured by the blockchain.


You remain in full control of your funds and can redeem them at any time. Your funds can only be transferred out of a Vault with your permission and you can always follow your assets on-chain.

Always in control

The intelligence network

Flagship has eyes in all corners of the cryptoverse. Our community has access to the latest insights and newest opportunities.
always updated
Always have an edge
Leverage our experts
Outposts are pages dedicated to specific sectors such as Solana, Polkadot, DeFi and the Metaverse.

Here, you can find curated information on the most promising projects, important developments, token sales, airdrops and more.
The eyes of Flagship are our Captains. They are crypto veterans who are specialized in a specific sector and keep track of all its developments.

Captains manage Vaults, provide the Flagship community with information and keep us up to date. In return, they earn fees and FLAG tokens.



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FLAG token

FLAG allows anyone that contributes to Flagship to be rewarded.

Ultimately, FLAG turns Flagship into a community-owned and controlled platform, also called a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
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Receive extra FLAG via staking and providing liquidity and earn Flagship's favourite tokens through our unique rewards pool


Become a Flagship member and get access to premium information, beta features and a discount on Vault fees


Influence Flagship's direction via voting. The community decides what new Vaults, features and Outposts should be added


In total, there will be 250 million FLAG tokens that will be released over 10 years. FLAG will be integrated into all Flagship’s existing and future products.

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Who are we?

Together, we are building Flagship, a non-custodial and community-driven investment platform.
Our mission is to help people participate in the internet of value and make sure they’re part of the future. We’re delivering on this with a talented team of engineers, designers, marketers, product leaders, and decentralized finance specialists.
Jorn Van Zwanenburg
Ivo Jonkers
Tech advisor
Zowie Langdon
Strategy advisor
Sebastiaan Lichter
Isak Gundrosen
Natalia Mojzych
Capital advisor
Kai Bennink
Crypto Doge
Business advisor
Chang Ng
Gino Taselaar
Blockchain dev
Timbo Slice


Q2 2021
Team formation
Problem - solution conceptualization
Launch private Avalanche Vault
Whitepaper draft
Q3 2021
Token economic design
Conceptualization Vault protocol
Whitepaper finalization
Website, brand and identity
Mailing list set up
Team expansion
Q4 2021
Website live
Socials, Discord, Medium live
Launch first Outposts
Early community building
Expand the team
Onboard first Captains
Q1 2022

NFT sale

Addition of new Outposts

Onboarding additional Captains

Marketing & Community campaigns

Beta/MVP Vault release

Private token sale

Q2 2022

Token release

DEX listing

Launch staking, liquidity mining and NFT rarity farming

First Vaults live

Rollout community forum, proposals and voting

H2 2022

Release rewards pool

Flagship membership with Web 3.0 wallet

Launch additional Vaults

CEX listings

Captain community and control features

Launch on-chain governance features
2023 & beyond

Cross-chain capabilities

Expansion NFT utilities

Community prediction markets
Synthetic asset protocol integration
Addition DAO functionalities

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